Two bicycles were talking to each other –

The first bicycle said, “I was bought 20 years ago. My illustrious career has fond memories of adventures and touring. I can recollect impressions of crossing many miles, living a life of a nomad. A wanderer, who changed paths with seasons and cultures along its way. Now, I am mostly settled in urban life and identified as a faithful companion. But tomorrow, is an unfortunate day, my owner will let me go away. I will be sold”.

The second bicycle replied, “I am the lead attraction in this shop and proudly positioned on window display. People passing by, often walk-in and inquire about my features. I’m a piece of art for some, while some others find me stylish. I’m admired for modern technology and great design. But this eminence will soon end. As tomorrow, fortunes will change, my owner will let me go away. I will be sold”.

The buyer exchanged his old bicycle for a new one and gained extra reduction on price.



Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


4 thoughts on “BICYCLE ON SALE

  1. Yes, “bicycles definitely have their own personalities, even if another bike is the same model and year, one bike will always be different from the other.” To the writer, I like your intuitive imagination.

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