1. Russ Mantle, an 82 year old cyclist from Aldershot in Hampshire is the 1st person in Britain to complete one million miles of cycling. The retired carpenter has maintained a meticulous log of all his rides since 1952.

2. Utretch Central Station in Netherlands has the worlds largest bicycle parking garage with a capacity to store 12,500 bicycles and was fully opened to public in August 2019. The bicycle parking garage in Japan, at Tokyo’s Kasai Station launched in 2008 formerly held this record and offers a facility to park 9400 bicycles.

3. Peter Sagan, a pro bicycle racer from Slovakia is highest paid cyclists in the world earning a salary of 6 million euros. Total prize money awarded in Tour de France 2019 season was 23 million euros while the winner received a prize money of 5 lakh euros.

4. The most expensive bicycle in the world is Butterfly Trek Madone which costs 4.5 lakh euros. The bike was used by Lance Armstrong when he returned to cycling in 2009. Designer Damien Hirst used real butterflies to celebrate Armstrong’s return after fighting cancer.

5. Fastest speed ever achieved on a bicycle was 268 km/hr in 1995 by Fred Rompelberg from Netherlands. The record remains unbroken.

6. The lightest road bike made is AX Lighhtness Vial Evo Ultra eTap that weights 4.8 kg.

7. Did you know that over 100 million bicycles are produced each year globally.

8. The global bicycle market size is estimated to reach €68 billion by 2025.

9. Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer with factories in Taiwan, Netherlands and China.

10. Karl von Drais from Germany is credited to have invented the 1st bicycle in 1817. The wooden velocipede was called ‘draisine’ as it had no pedals and functioned on human power.


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