Headquartered at Pune, an electric mobility start-up “Polarity” introduced India’s first Smart Bikes with its range of six electric vehicles today. At a time when urban commuting has become unpleasant, these bikes promises to offer a much needed micro mobility solution to individuals and businesses who are environmentally conscious. The Polarity pedal assisted electric bikes are designed for intra-city use, are eco-friendly and good alternatives to conventional fuel powered bikes. These modern looking bikes built under Make In India initiative will be available in two different segments ‘S’ and ‘E’ series. The range of six unique models creates a wide product and pricing solution with the aim to offer something for everyone.

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Product Variants:

‘S’ Sport series –  S1K, S2K, S3K
‘E’ Executive series – E1K, E2K, E3K

Top Speed: (Kmph)

S1K, S2K, S3K – 45, 70, 100
E1K, E2K, E3K – 40, 60, 80

Price Range: (INR – ex-showroom)

S1K, S2K, S3K – 40,000, 70,000, 1.1 lakhs
E1K, E2K, E3K – 38,000, 65,000, 1.05 lakhs

The Polarity Personal Mobility Vehicles (PMV) will be available in 36 variants. Product prices starts from Rs 38,000 to 1.1 lakhs. Pre-bookings can be done on their website www.Polarity.in at a refundable deposit of Rs 1,001. Deliveries will start in the first quarter of 2020.

The Polarity Smart bikes are powered by BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) hub motors in the rear wheel and Lithium-ion batteries. Built on a lightweight steel frame, the bikes house major electric components within it, packaged in a compact space to reduce bulk and wind resistance in order to achieve high levels of efficiency. Having an overall kerb weight of just under 55kg, the motor and battery are under lesser stress than competing scooters and motorcycles. The brand is providing a three year warranty on the batteries.

Polarity is offering Bluetooth connectivity and GPS tracking with your Smart Bike as a standard feature on the top spec models and as an optional extra on the remaining models in this range. The Polarity App will connect to your bike and relay critical information like vehicle diagnostics, service logs and details and location tracking.

Carbon points will be credited to each user for the distance one pedals the bike and a healthy competitive environment will be created among Polarity owners to collectively reduce our carbon footprint. The Polarity App goes live with the delivery of our first bike and will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Every Polarity Bike is a Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV) that will be highly customizable and versatile to suit your needs, both mechanically and digitally, whether it comes to adjustable suspension for riding on all surfaces or applying parental controls from your authorised smart phone to control bike speeds when you lend your bike to your friends or children.

Source: Polarity bikes


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