|| Low Light. Ordinary Camera. No Effects ||

Fine brush strokes with multi colored artistic effects. Shades overlapping and cutting through. Grey, black, ash, purple, blue, majenta, voilet, pink, orange, yellow…and many more complexly interwoven hues. Delicately adjusted color tones complimentary to one another. Fresh color tints and I was gradually hypnotized. It was all happening; little breezy, low tide, moving clouds – blink and a new picturesque scenery is ready to view.

“God made a painting and I was a witness to it”.

Half evening – half night. I was watching a Twilight Moment on a evening bicycle ride. The Sun saying ‘goodbye’ leaving bystanders mesmerized. Hidden somewhere, invisible yet its power was felt with so much of grace and magnificence. This is natures way of signing off and its natures way of rewarding you. But regardless of how much I want to hold the situation, it will change. Time slips and moves fast. How brilliant it was to capture the moments beauty in photographs, nonetheless the end is real the end is assured. Perhaps a realization – prepare for the next event… “When darkness takes over welcome the stars with dreams in your eyes. Play hide and seek with sparkling lights’. A new day will soon arrive – bringing hope, joy, aspirations, enthusiasm, challenges, belief, spirit, courage and sunshine. Wake up and set yourself for another beautiful Twilight, get on your bike and indulge in a fulfilling ride.


A magical sky with sea lending itself perfectly into it. These are few of the best shots i have captured on camera while cycling. Enjoy the photographs.

Photos captured using my smart phone Vivo V11 Pro
No flash, Camera aperture 1.8
Location: Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, India.
All photos taken in a span of 10 minutes.  (Cover Photo Time 19:20 hrs)

Time 19:11 hrs


Time 19:17 hrs


Time 19:19 hrs


Time 19:21 hrs




Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


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    1. Thank you for reading the post. Natures blessing is found all throughout & Mumbai is no different. Do plan a visit to this side of the world.

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