The robber was keeping an eye on my rides like a Spy.

He must have followed me – to work, market, library, restaurant…and don’t know where.

A plan was made and I was choosen a soft target.

I fell into the trap. He succeeded!


I am surprised by the act of stealing a bicycle.

Why do people steal a simple machine?

What is so precious about it?

Universal law – ‘The best attracts attention’.

Desire to own a priced possession triggers illegitimate thinking.


Few assumptions –

Its an unfulfilled need that motivates to rob.

It adds value to his life.

Feels shy to borrow.

Finds it more easier/economical to steal than to buy.

It aids his movements.

Its an object of pride.

Its saleable, has market value.

Its tradable for another product.

Its a piece of art.

It can be customized to run a business start-up.

Its efficient logistics.

It built’s relationships. Romance.

His friends has it, he wants it too.

Its a company in solitude.

Its an opportunity to explore.

Its entertainment.

Its a hobby.

Its a reason to travel far.

Its suited for large gatherings.

Its designed to challenge.

Its designed to compete.

Its designed to win.

Its designed to conquer.

Its a way to arrive.

Its a bicycle Indeed!

Why do you think anyone steals a bicycle, your experience could tell us something more.

Recently, my friends bicycle was stolen hence I felt the need to write this post.

Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

7 thoughts on “BICYCLE THEFTS

  1. Sometimes they steal just to make pittance by selling parts after dismantling it or sell it in another town..

    1. The incident of your lost bicycle triggered a thought of writing about it. I tried to recreate a moment in the picture.

  2. I usually recommend keeping d cycle under a CCTV , or ask a shop keeper to keep a watch on it and return d favour by buying sumthing frm him…

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