It’s time to say goodbye to the motorized buses and hop on to India’s first ‘Bicycle Bus’ created by an Inventor from Pune city Mr. Milind Kulkarni.

A Physics graduate and with already one patent awarded to his name and another five filed for approval, Milind is successfully running his company ‘Novel Clues’ at Kothrud, Pune in Maharashtra. As the name suggests, the company is into technology and innovation space and aims to create pioneering, sustainable and scalable products which are user and environmental friendly. Being an MD & CEO of this solution provider firm, Milind and his organization focuses on research and innovation and believes in finding answers to real world problems. Some of his inventions include ‘Sundish – Solar Power cooker’, ‘Safal – custard apple deseeding machine’ and ‘Battery less solar power power back up’. 

I did a telephonic interview with Mr. Milind and here is what he had to say – 

‘I am a product inventor and a creative thinker. I have filed six patents, among which one is granted and awarded. My company has successfully partnered with many manufacturing units in the past and we specialize in bringing creative and fresh thinking to overcome industry challenges be it electronics, mobility, food processing or any other. My works are published in numerous newspapers and i have been interviewed by various news channels.  

My latest innovation is a Bicycle Bus. The story behind the innovation is when I was in the fifth standard, my father had started a magazine “Soviet desh” in which, I saw a picture of the boat race in Kerala. Then I thought if many people can help the boat to move ahead, then why can’t the same happen with a bus? And at that moment, the idea of a bicycle bus struck in my mind. A few years later, when I went to the downtown of Germany, I saw a big bus like structure from far. When I went near and saw it clearly, It was the bicycle bus. Then I came to know that someone has already attempted making a bicycle bus and indeed got succeeded. Back in India, i noticed that there is no such bicycle bus here and so now when I have enough time, money and labor, I decided to design one by myself’


Some of the features of a Bicycle Bus are –

  • User and eco-friendly 
  • Fun way to exercise
  • Encourages group activity 
  • Easy and safe to ride 
  • Supports global climate change and action mission
  • Ideal substitute for school buses
  • Useful for theme parks, airports, nature rides and tourist sites
  • Promotes active mobility
  • Cheaper than motorized buses
  • Effective for shorter routes
  • Can also be battery operated
  • Accommodates nine – eight passengers and one lead rider 

Milind further says ‘When one rides a single bicycle, there’s a fear of balance and being harm. In our bicycle bus, these problems are solved. The pollution is increasing day by day and so going eco-friendly is a must. Hence, this concept will be really helpful. It can be used by anyone and anywhere.’ 

Youtube link to the Bicycle Bus: Bicycle Bus By Milind Kulkarni, Pune

For business inquiries, the inventor can be reached out at the following contacts:
Milind Kulkarni, MD & CEO, Novel Clues
Tel: +91 9823149346



Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


  1. We have something similar here called a “bicycle bar” where people drink alcohol and then pedal to the next location. Haven’t tried it yet 😎

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