The Palace of Versailles in Paris is a symbol of beauty, elegance and luxury. Situated to the west of the Palace are the Gardens of Versailles (Chateau De Versailles in french).

The Versailles garden spreads over eight hundred hectares of land. Immaculately designed, the garden encloses incredible sites that add to the splendour of Versailles. These include, the Orangery, the Grand Canal, the Fountains and Estate of Trianon.

The Green heaven boasts of ornamental arrangement of thousands of beautiful plants, trees and flowers sourced from different parts of Europe. The parterre follows a symmetrical pattern of plant beds separated and connected by paths. 

A number of  Antique sculptures and statues are used to decorate the garden. With over two hundred installations of art through the vast area of the garden, it makes it one of the biggest open air sculpture museums.  

Amongst many gorgeous tourist points inside the Versailles garden is the fountain of Latona. The fountain lies on the east-west alignment between the palace, the apollo fountain, green carpet and the grand canal. On the top tier of the fountain, there is a white marble statue of the Goddess Latona which makes it a premier site to see in the Versailles garden.

The cross shaped 1.5 km long Grand canal is to the rear side of the fountain and gives a marvelous extended perspective of the garden. The canal is bordered by trees and sculptures offering a harmonious view of the park.

The impeccable layout of the Versailles garden, an historic heritage built with exceptional human skills and delivering outstanding panoramic views to the tourist makes it one of the best places to visit in Paris.

I visited this place in 2017.

Tourist Information:

Visitor timings to the Versailles garden are from 08:00 am to 08:30 pm.

Musical fountain shows run on select days.

Tickets can be booked on their official website –

(The garden was designed by Andre Le Notre under the reign of King Louis XIV)

Latona fountain
Marble sculpture
Trees uniformly trimmed and spaced out
Sculptures spread across different locations
Way towards the grand canal with manicured lawns
A group of people seen outside arriving in the palace for a scheduled event in the garden
Palace view from the garden
Ticket window and entrance to the garden
King Louis XV



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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


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