When you are cycling in crowded urban cities it becomes essential to observe few safety measures. 

Cycling in urban congested cities like Mumbai and Delhi which are largely dominated by cars is quite challenging. Therefore, use of essential safety gear by all cyclist is highly advisable.

There are many cycling accessories available in the market which sometimes creates confusion to decide which one is of more priority and on what to invest your money. 

Taking a more practical approach, here is a list of ten most essential cycling accessories which form a part of safety measure and every cyclist should use them while cycling through busy streets. 

Helmet: The most essential protective gear, an helmet is a life saving equipment for any cyclist. A helmet saves you from a severe crash. So always remember to wear a helmet before starting your ride and ensure your friends also follow this rule. 

Bell: A bell is primarily for others safety. The tring tring sound of a bell is usually loud enough to caution pedestrians. Most people are familiar with a bell sound and are likely to react. So never hesitate to use a bell as pedestrian safety is your responsibility. 

Sipper Bottle: Cycling is a physical activity and can tire you down once you cover a certain distance. Even extreme hot weather conditions can make you feel dehydrated. Carrying water or energy drink mounted on a bottle cage or simply inside your backpack can help you regain your stamina. You can recharge yourself with few sips and move ahead swiftly. 

Sunglasses Wearing shades is a big advantage especially during summer and your eyes will remain protected from direct exposure to UV rays. Sunglasses can also safeguard your eyes by limiting the chances of any foreign particle getting inside. A cool set of glasses can also be a point of attraction. So don’t be afraid, wear your shades!

Spare Tube and a Pump: Tyres going flat is a common phenomenon and it can occur to even a professional rider using a high-end bike on best of  roads. On a day if you are unlucky, a spare tube and a portable pump will certainly be a saviour. It reduces your dependency and eliminates the possibility of you getting further dragged into any vulnerable situation. My advice is to be wise and never let a flat tyre affect your ride. 

Lock: You never know who’s eyeing on your most prized possession. Even a short loo break can be a game changer and work against you. A bicycle lock will allow you to take that carefree coffee break and make other important stopovers. Be smart and always lock your bike. 

First Aid Pouch: No one ever likes to fall off from a bike and get injured and it should never even happen to anyone. But on a bad day, basic first aid pouch with a small cotton gauze band aid, antiseptic tube, pain relief spray or a tablet and a hand sanitizer can come to your rescue. Stay alert, keep your balance and always ride patiently.

Emergency Tag: An emergency tag with details like the riders blood group, name and contact number of a family member and area of residence can come handy. Hence, in rarest of rare cases when a rider faces a crash he can receive immediate assistance. Don’t skip this one. 

If you are going for night rides or returning back from work late evening than below cycling accessories are meant for you.

Reflective Jacket: Bright colored clothes helps the driver to locate a cyclist well in advance and slowdown. Neon colors like green and orange are most visible at night and recommended for night cycling. Cars approaching from the opposite end use lights and with a reflective jacket on, the driver can spot you easily. Same applies for a driver coming from behind when he tries to overtake you. 

Lights and Reflectors: Finally a decent pair of front and rear lights will help you spot those humps, speed bumps, rumble strips and sometimes animals if you happen to ride in the city outskirts. Added reflectors on wheels will make you more noticeable on streets especially when your cycle gets in full motion. 

Hope these precautionary tips were insightful, keep pedaling and have a safe ride.



Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai



  1. Thank you! Common sense we often forget.
    But with decent bike infra, much of this will not be necessary…..unfortunately we cannot all live in the Netherlands, Copenhagen or Malmö……

    1. India is far too behind in all aspects of cycling culture and we have a long distance to cover…let see where can the bicycle take us.

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