Are you a fan of road cycling, mountain biking or use a cycle for commuting? You can now convert your smartphone into a personal cycling assistant with the help of a cycling app.    

Technology has enhanced the experience of cycling for us by opening up more avenues enabling us to record, track, share, plan routes and connect with other athletes in real time.

With the help of a good cycling app, one can monitor rides by simply setting up a profile and start reviewing personalized stats on a dashboard.

Here is a list top five cycling apps you should try and if you happen to use one which is not listed here, let me know in the comments section.

  1. Strava
  2. MapMyRide
  3. Garmin Connect
  4. Endomondo
  5. Zwift


Strava is one of the most popular and comprehensive fitness apps designed for athletes and allows you to connect with other cyclists around the world. It is quick and accurate with ability to track multiple sporting activities. With the help of a GPS, you can start recording and storing your activities and view it real time. Activity stats includes distance, elevation gained, average speed, calories burned, routes covered and total moving time. You can also upload photos and add descriptions to your ride. The app has a smart feature of social connection where the user can share the activity on social media directly through the app. Strava also allows you to follow other athletes, like and comment on their activity. Using the Strava club feature, you can participate in new challenges, achieve more and appear on the club leaderboard.

Available for: iOS, Android

Price: Free (Premium member services come at price)


If you frequently ride on the same route and wish to save it as your favorite path, you can do this using the ride logging feature by mapmyride. The app is a pioneer in route planning, a great training tool and helps you analyze your training performance. The app captures a host of data from your rides such as speed, distance, elevation, duration and route. You can also view your ride stats on mapmyride website for in-depth analysis and easily share it with others. One can join the mapmyride community and take up new challenges. MapMyRide has a host of other features like ‘Courses’ that gives you segment-wise analysis of your time, permits you to create your own ‘Training Plans’, connect with ‘Wearables’ and if you are going for a ‘Dog Walk’ you can record that as well.

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows

Price: Free (Also available in premium version)

Garmin Connect

Garmin connect software works as a bridge between your mobile and your Garmin edge device that fits onto your handlebar. Once connected, the data feeds into your mobile app and displays maps, charts, numbers and notifications. With a pre-loaded map, Garmin device gives you navigation alerts and turn by turn direction. Garmin connect has a bundle of features like create customized workouts, review personal records, distance, pace, etc., earn badges for accomplishments, compare insights with other connected users and monitor health stats. You can build your own workout courses using Garmin connect and even challenge your friends to compete.

Available for: iOS, Android

Price: Free (Requires a compatible Garmin device)


The most amazing feature of this app is the ‘Audio’ feature which acts more as a personal trainer giving you motivation in between your training sessions against your pre determined goals. The audio coach provides feedback and encourages you to push your limits thus making your training experience more interactive. Your friends can track you live and send you a customized motivational message using the ‘Pep-Talks’ feature. So you can now be a part of the fitness community with this unique personal training app.

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows

Price: Free (Additional features available under paid subscription)


Zwift is a complete indoor training cycling app designed to use during rainy weather or best if you wish to be flexible in terms of your training hours. A virtual platform, Zwift gives your indoor training an edge as it allows you to ride in an environment that looks almost real. Your avatar form can connect with other virtual cyclist, get on with an epic mountain climb and sprint through other world class cycling routes. The app can be used as a gaming and training tool with features of social network that makes your work-out session a fun activity. For best experience, Zwift requires Apple TV , bicycle trainer or rollers, power meter and a sensor.

Available for: iOS, Mac

Price: Paid

So weather you are new to cycling or a hardcore cyclist, a cycling app is a must have in your smartphone!

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


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