Nunhe munne bacche teri mutthi mein kya hai?

Mutthi mein hai taqdeer hamari
Humne kismat ko bas mein kiya hai
Aankhon mein jhume sapnon ki diwali
Aanewali duniya ka sapna sajaa hai
Badlega zamana yeh sitaroo pe likha hai.

(Cute little boy, what’s inside your fist? I am holding my destiny in my palms, aspirations in my eyes, a bright future which shall change for the good and i can decipher it from the stars)  

These lines are from a classic bollywood movie song ‘Boot Polish’. A bootlegger named John uncle comes to the rescue of two abandoned children who are left and forced to beg on the streets by their wicked aunt after their mother dies. The kids are comforted by John uncle and are taught the value of self respect and like many other kids, they too are guarded by him. John teaches them to work for a living. They soon buy a shoe polish kit and begin shining shoes. They sing these lines out of joy with a feeling that now they are in a much better position then before.

The song explains the self confidence of the kids which they have acclaimed by taking their fate in their own hands. In a conversational lyrics, the kids foresee their future to be promising and bright. They are determined to turnaround their fortunes and aren’t afraid of hard work. Ambitious little kids, they dream big and are sure to achieve it. 

This movie was released in the year 1954 and unfortunately even after seven decades, there are children who are facing hardships, don’t get what they deserve and are left to fend for themselves.

CRY – Child Rights And You, a non-profit charitable organisation is working for the welfare of thousands of children from years now. With the support of philanthropist and generous patrons CRY has helped many children to lead a happier life.

In a new initiative, CRY launched a month long campaign on children’s day called as #YellowFellowA fun yet meaningful engagement where people are encouraged to stand up for children and their rights by becoming a Yellow Fellow. The idea is to wear yellow socks creatively e.g. as sock puppets, tie, bands etc. Since socks symbolize warmth and comfort and Yellow simply represents CRY brand, the idea of using socks as a symbol for the activity is representative of the joy of a happy childhood. The campaign primarily aims to spread awareness about child rights. All funds raised through the campaign will be utilized across CRY-supported projects to ensure giving children a better future in areas of education, health and protection.

A bicycle ride was organised on 18th november, sunday morning collectively by ‘Wheels and Barrels’ and #pedalpower. They are popular cycling groups in the city. About one hundred and twenty cyclist came to ride in this event.

Participants were provided with a yellow socks which they used it very creatively at the start point – Decathlon, Thane (Decathlon is a multi-sports retail store format catering to the needs of beginners and professionals).

The group rode towards GB Fort. It was about 3 kms away from the start point but on an uphill route passing a village. (‘GB’ stands for Ghodbunder, a place where Portuguese traded horses with the Arabs. Therefore the name ‘ghode’ for horses in hindi language an ‘bunder’ for port).

After reaching to the top of this fort, Swati Deosthali, Human Resource manager from CRY briefed us about the ‘World Record’ they are aiming to attempt. CRY is targeting to break the current World Record of the most people wearing sock puppets at a single location. More than five hundred people will be assembling at St. Xavier’s ground, Mumbai on 22nd of november 2018 between 14:00 – 17:00 hours to achieve this feat and celebrate it as a grand YellowFellow event.

With childrens day just gone by and christmas around the corner, you too can become a Santa or uncle John and step forward to empower a child.

Click on the below link to make your contributions and open the gates to happiness.


Personally, it’s a pleasure to voluntarily write for CRY and i hope the readers show a spirited response to this article.


Video link of the event: YellowFellow Ride



Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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