Riding by the bay is always a refreshing feeling as you tend to receive positive energies by the sight of the river front and open skylines. And your journey becomes even more interesting when you have a companion to pedal along.

The Fitness Mechanic aka Anuj Varma and i had been planning for a morning cycle ride since past two months but somehow it didn’t happen. Finally, with festive holidays around, today was the moment of joy for us as we made it possible. We started from Bandra on a bright sunny morning and rode to Nariman point – located at the southern tip of the Mumbai peninsula. It’s about twenty two kms of distance one way. We took a seaside route from Bandra to Worli Seaface then Marine Drive and Nariman Point with occasional passes using the high streets and bridges.

Nariman point offers fabulous views of the Arabian Sea and one can enjoy sitting there gazing at the sky, waterfronts and listen to the sounds of birds. The place is ideal for morning activities like yoga, walking, jogging, photography and spend some quiet moments. The natural layout and trees on the stretch is a treat for the eyes. However, in the evenings and late nights the place witnesses more crowds who visit there to enjoy the breeze and relax.

More about the Fitness Mechanic:
Anuj is a ‘Mixed Martial Artist – MMA’ athlete and has been practicing this artform from four and a half years now. He has been competing in combat sports since past eighteen months. He has fought in four amateur fights, won three and lost one.

The Fitness Mechanic quotes ‘I am a BJJ White Belt and a Silver Medalist State Champion in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu – Jitsu). I am currently competing in X1 International and have won two fights in X1 held in Pune and Shillong. 

He is a core fitness enthusiast and never misses his workout routines. Besides martial arts, the Fitness Mechanic also likes cycling occasionally which is a point of common interest between us.

He further shares ‘To be competitive in any sport you have to be disciplined with your training and your diet to cope with challenges before you get into professional arena. My training techniques are specific to my sports which involves mix of strength and conditioning sessions and weight lifting to prepare my body for MMA fights’.

Anuj trains with the ‘Evolution Fitness And Combat Sports Academy’

It was a pleasure knowing the other side of my office colleague Anuj, and once again it’s the humble bicycle which served as a great enabler for engagement and human interaction.

Below is a short video covering our ride.

Video Link: Cycling With Fitness Mechanic



Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


  1. Thank You Vijay for writing this great blog about me. It was great fun riding with you. Looking forward to many more such rides in the future.

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