I was recently invited for a screening of a movie ‘Blue Jean Blues’ a story based on Depression & Cycling. This blog is a narration of my experience with a synopsis of the movie.


In the movie Blue Jean Blues, a geek looking boy Krishna aka Kris is approached by a girl in his college seeking his mentorship in calculus lessons. Kris agrees to teach & in due process falls in love with her. But often on their outings Kris is disrespected for his low fashion sense & average looks. He turns to his friends for advice & they have some bizarre ideas to give.

One says Kris you should be like a ‘Methi Pakoda’ (a fried Indian snack) which is more unique. It is prepared & served only on request unlike other snacks which are readily available. Show some attitude buddy.

In an instance, another friend opines that ‘Being a sweet Mango is better than being a dry pale looking Papaya’. If you want to be a chosen one, than refresh your image & try becoming  more colorful.

A third viewpoint pours in saying ‘there are many fishes in a pond’ so don’t be a fish who runs after the same one. Look for another girl.

The drama of Kris trying to impress his girl continues offering some hilarious moments for its viewers to sit back & laugh. But nothing works in his favor. Eventually, Kris is dumped by her & he struggles to cope with this situation.

A mental battle of stress starts from here & the plot takes many interesting twist & turns in the second half.

The Situation:

Kris fails to accept rejection in life. He is often unhappy with what happened to him. In denial, he stops socializing, eating & misses his duties. He gets confined to his room for weeks – unwilling to meet even his family. He assumes everyone around him is his enemy & refuses to express himself. Heart broken, disheartened & depressed he experiences suicidal feelings.

It is interesting to understand that there are many Kris like personalities around us. They are mired by some kind of trauma or failure in life. And sometimes we too may have undergone a cycle of such emotional turbulences. Referring to a Psychiatric counsellor is the most common remedy offered. Without thinking of alternatives, we only add misery to the misery.

Lessons Learned:

  • If you depend on others for your happiness, you are bound for failure.
  • Adversity makes a person more Strong.
  • Negative emotions can be transformed into healthy emotions through positive reinforcement.
  • Nature has its own way of Healing.
  • Outdoor activities helps you connect with the outside world giving a wider perspective of life.
  • Finally, embark on a road less travelled… if you wish to rediscover yourself.

To know how Kris fights depression & overcomes his challenges, watch the movie at your nearest theatre.

Movie Trailer: Blue Jean Blues

IMDB Rating: 9.4 (as on 28-08-18)



Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai



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