As a kid, i was always taught – ‘A small change can make a big difference’. And here comes a day when i get to witness that difference.

I am writing this blog to share my experience of attending an inaugural event of a new Cycling Track at Juhu, Mumbai on 22nd July 2018.

Chief Guest, Mr. Javed Akhtar

It was an overcast Sunday morning & i started riding from my house to Bandra Fort & from there, headed straight to Kaifi Azmi Park, Juhu. Upon reaching there, i saw a small banner announcing the launch of new cycling track with many cycling lovers gathered for the occasion. They were all charged up, full of life since it was the 1st track of mumbai & i could see the joy in each of the participants eyes. Somewhere i felt, there must be a definite story behind this initiative.

Young Cycling Group (YCG) at the cycling track in Juhu

A few moments later, the crowd made loud cheers to welcome the guest who happened to be Javed Akhtar, a renowned writer from the Bollywood fraternity accompanied by other dignitaries from local authorities & social change makers. My attention was caught by a pack of young cyclist making an entry into the track area in the most orderly manner. And after a while, we all started listening to Mr. Javed Akhtar as he narrated the difficulties they had to face to finish this project. He congratulated everyone who contributed in making this a success as it was a collaborative effort of many. Through his talks, i got a glimpse of the hardships attached to this project.

Crowd Interaction at Juhu cycling track

Finally, the track was thrown open to the participants with kids, parents & elderly people all started riding with emotions running high. The pack of cyclists which i saw making an entry earlier, too joined in the celebrations backed by a girl supporting the young riders. These kids were from the nearby slum area & the girl supporting their ride was Feroza, a cyclist & an activists. She is a popular face amongst the cycling fraternity working at various levels & inviting people to adopt this environmental friendly mode of transport. Also, there were photographers from press media to capture this event. I too started riding with a thought that coincidentally i am being part of a bigger change which is yet to come.

On interacting with the locals i came to know that a trash area existed on either sides 

The cycling group

of the Public Park. With persistent efforts it was transformed completely into a cycling track with landscaping & further plans to beautify it in future. Next, i introduced myself to Feroza & we were delighted to meet each other. She was than returning back to drop the kids & invited me to join her & i happily did. My return journey started with Feroza & the young pack.

The event was officially over leaving behind a question in my mind. What did i learn today?

If you have the right motive, you can ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL.
I AM NOT GIVING UP should be the attitude in adverse situations.
Positive actions unite people & UNITY HAS POWER TO TRANSFORM.
SUCCESS BELONGS TO EVERYONE, irrespective of your social background.
Live with a vision & work towards it, YOUR PASSION WILL BRING YOU GLORY.



Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai


    1. Mumbai is battling for open spaces. Cars have taken over big-time. But many small planned initiatives combine can help reclaim pedestrian walk ways and room for cycling.

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