In modern era, the human brain is exposed to a large volume of information via media and other sources.

The brain works hard to collect, store and retrieve information and often gets fatigued performing this process for longer periods.

Our multitasking behaviour – checking social media timelines, reading a message, preparing a to do list, answering a call, worrying about future, financial goals, learning a recipe and whole lot of other mental activity tires our mind.

Have you ever thought how much volume of data is stored in our brains?

I googled and found a study which says “Each day, an individual processes 34 GB of information or 100000 words, sufficient to overload a laptop in a weeks time”.

The research outcome is a 2011 finding so the numbers would have increased by many fold by current standards.

In the recent 30 days of lockdown period, I have experienced a serious pounding of information revolving around this trending situation (like most of you).

This information storm led to an idea of running a quick memory test to see what my brain is grappling with.

I did a simple exercise of compiling random inventory of words (in no particular sequence) that appeared top of my mind without a scientific agenda.


  1. Isolation
  2. Influenza
  3. Corona Warriors
  4. Face Mask
  5. Frontline Workers
  6. Essential Supplies
  7. Social Distancing
  8. Curfew
  9. Air Quality
  10. Gratitude
  11. Virus
  12. NHS
  13. Donald Trump
  14. Wuhan Virology Lab
  15. WHO
  16. N95
  17. Car Free Streets
  18. Hydroxychloroquine
  19. Xi Jinping
  20. Community Spread
  21. Hotspot
  22. Flatten The Curve
  23. Break The Chain
  24. Testing Kits
  25. Medical Aid
  26. Vaccine
  27. Research
  28. Scientist
  29. Reports
  30. Spike
  31. Crowd Gathering
  32. Ban
  33. Bats
  34. Closure
  35. Postponed
  36. Cancelled
  37. Rescheduled
  38. Travel Industry
  39. Police
  40. Groceries
  41. Pharmacy
  42. Home Delivery
  43. E-Commerce
  44. Donate
  45. Charity
  46. Migration
  47. Daily Wage Workers
  48. Squats
  49. Repeat Telecast
  50. Yoga
  51. Quarantine Activity
  52. Webinar
  53. Virtual Event
  54. Investigation
  55. Home Workout
  56. Cooking
  57. Video Call
  58. Zoom App
  59. Recovery Plan
  60. New York
  61. Conspiracy
  62. Online Courses
  63. TikTok
  64. Doordarshan
  65. Man Ki Baat
  66. China
  67. PM’s Address
  68. Press Conference
  69. Stay Home
  70. Economic Slump
  71. Recession
  72. Job Losses
  73. Unemployment
  74. Depression
  75. Mental Health
  76. Children
  77. Elderly
  78. Poor
  79. Family Time
  80. Economic Package
  81. Fund Raiser
  82. Relief Work
  83. Transportation
  84. Sanitizer
  85. Work From Home
  86. Animal Trade
  87. Guidelines
  88. Outbreak
  89. Ebola
  90. Spanish Flu
  91. Symptoms
  92. IMF
  93. Quarantine Centre
  94. Handwash
  95. Fake News
  96. Herd Mentality
  97. Shortage
  98. Podcast
  99. Memes
  100. Google Doodle
  101. Namaste


Broadly, the list relates to business, economy, science, tech, policy and internet.

You might have recollected a series of events while you were scanning this directory – a news broadcast you saw, a facebook post on your wall, a tweet, an article you read or a conversation you had with your friend.

Now try compiling your own list to decode the secret data stored inside your brain.

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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