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A 40-year-old Carpenter in Punjab builds a wooden bicycle to beat lockdown blues, local citizens hail his achievement.

Dhani Ram Saggu, a carpenter in Zirakpur town of Punjab has crafted a wooden bicycle. His hand made bicycle is build from scratch and is eco-friendly.

Dhani Ram wanted to stay away from negativity during the lockdown period. Since he was jobless and had nothing to do, he decided to put his carpentry skills into good use and create a bicycle for himself.

At first he drew a design on paper and tried to make a functional bicycle using old plywood from his backyard. After test riding it, he observed many faults in the first mock-up.

Next, he used Canadian wood and came up with an improved version of the antique looking bicycle. It took 4 months and 4 attempts for Dhani Ram to make a practically workable model.

Dhani Ram managed the entire fabrication work by himself. He spent days and weeks in designing, cutting, drilling, molding, polishing, ergonomics, components selection and assembly of the bicycle.

The approximate weight of this novelty product is 20 kgs and made in adult size frame. It can carry a passenger of upto 150 kgs. It’s a single speed bicycle and fitted with a basic saddle, wooden fenders, front basket and kick-stand. The bicycle is not suggested for use in rains.

Dhani Ram is working on to introduce a model with gears and disc brakes. Later, he also intends to make exclusive designs for women and children.

Once lockdown was lifted, Dhani Ram took his concept out on the streets and it caught the attention of the by-standers. People inquired about his bicycle wherever he stopped. Soon the news of this innovative wooden bicycle started spreading word-of-mouth. People requested if he could make a similar piece for them.

Now, Dhani Ram has already secured 12 bookings and *Priced his wooden bicycle at INR 15,000 / Euro 170 / USD 200. His next target is to build a wooden motorbike.

This new variation of bicycle reminds us of the classic Velocipede and the more contemporary and sophisticated Bough Bikes of Netherlands.

Reach out to Dhaniraam on his contact number +91 70876 97652. Customization on request.

This article also finds a mention in the national daily newsprint ‘THE HINDU’ titled ‘A carpenter in Punjab created a bicycle during the lockdown’

Image credits: Noora Interiors

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Author: Vijay Malhotra, Mumbai

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